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Issues With Your Christmas Lights? Follow This Guide To Solve Common Problems.

At Steve's Mobile your customer satisfaction is our top priority. We also must consider our employees and their families during the Holiday. We will service all Xmas Light related issues we are notified of up until 2:00 pm on 12/23. If you have an issue on Christmas Eve please follow this guide to try to solve the issue. Thank you for your business!


The first thing to check is if there is power at the outlet. Plug in a working item directly into the outlet. If this item works, we know there is power to the outlet. This means there is an issue with the timer or a plug/line.
REMOVE THE TIMER and plug our lights directly into the outlet to enjoy them for the evening.

If there is power to the outlet, and our lights do not work plugged directly into it, there is a greater issue that cannot be solved by the homeowner. We apologize for the inconvenience.


When there is no power at the outlet that was previously working, the GFI or Breaker have been tripped. This can be fixed by depressing the reset button on a GFI outlet or flipping the tripped breaker back on. The tripped GFI outlet can be the outlet we plugged into, a different outdoor outlet, or even in the garage. One GFI controls many different outlets. Resetting this solves the problem 99% of the time.

If you cannot find a GFI to reset, you may try to plug our lights into a different outlet with a longer extension cord.


A GFI will trip when the circuit is overloaded or moisture gets into the line. We are very diligent when installing to tape all connections and cover any open outlet that water could possibly reach. When a customer adds additional lights or decorations plugged into the same circuit, we often see a problem.


Adding your own lights or electrical decorations can cause issues if not done properly. Ensure that there is no opening for moisture to get into. It is a common mistake to not tape over and seal the back of a plug when using extensions or plugging multiple lines in together. The rain will cause your GFI to trip.

If moisture has gotten into the line, the reset button will be popped out. If it is no longer wet or raining, a simple press of this button usually solves the issue. If you have added lights, please find the trouble source and tape it. If you have not added lights, we will come and check our line and solve the issue.

The timers we install for Christmas Lights are "dusk to dawn" timers. This means that the lights are designed to come on around dusk and stay on for a set number of hours. We try to locate the timer in an area that will easily perceive the natural light. If you cover up the timer or place something in front of it, it can prevent proper operation.

If the lights have not come on after it has been dark for 30 minutes please follow the guide above to ensure that there is power at the outlet.
Christmas Light Troubleshooting